Fueling at USA Jet Self-Service Pump

Detailed instructions are in the airplanes.  The pump is located just South of the taxiway that goes into the Birdcage.  The taxi lane shown below runs just next to the "road" for airport vehicles.  Use the taxi lane, not the "road".  The airplane should be pointed North when you are fueling.  Just tell ground control that you want to taxi to USA Jet fuel pumps.

MANG account smart cards are in the book for each plane.


The operation is similar to that of AvFlight:

1. Ground the aircraft with the ground clip.
2. Place drain mats over ramp drains in case of a spill (this is new).
3. Insert smart card and follow instructions on the display.  Do not use the "Fill-up" key, but select 50 gallons.  We will only be charged for what is actually dispensed.
4. Rotate "swing arm" on side of pump to the "ON" position and dispense fuel.
5. Replace nozzle and rotate "swing arm" to the "OFF" position.  Stow drain mats back into the orange bin.
6. Pick up your receipt from the control panel.

These instructions have been abbreviated.  See the complete instructions in the airplanes.


Here are some more pictures.  The one below shows more detail of the pump:


Here is the control panel where you put the smart card, enter the number of gallons (maximum) to dispense, and pick up your receipt:


Here is how the mats cover the ramp drains: