Instructions for Applying for a Gate Badge

1. If you already have a badge and are just renewing it, then skip to Step 5. If you are a new member and don't yet have an ID badge, then one will be filled out and given to you when the New Member Induction meeting takes place.

3. If not addressed at the New Member Induction meeting, send the completed form with your original signature (in blue ink) to:

4. After we add some MANG officer signatures, we will forward your application to the Operations Office at Willow Run, and then notify you by e-mail. You can't proceed with the next step until you get confirmation from us that we have signed and forwarded your application to the Operations Office.

5. For a new or renewing badge, you will need to go to the Operations Office for a training session to watch a video on security procedures. A short quiz that you must pass follows the video. Seating is limited to 19 per session, so call ahead to reserve a space at (734) 485-6666 or (734) 485-6675 (Willow Run Operations Office, Hangar 1, Room 200). As of Summer 2016, badges are issued on a permanent basis, but must be renewed by taking a quiz after viewing a video on security procedures at the Security office, or your gate access will be denied and you will be charged an additional late fee. The Willow Run Security Office will notify you when your badge is due to expire. Renewals can be done up to two months prior to the expiration date.

Even if you have seen the video before, you must view it again, then take (and pass) a short quiz. For those obtaining a badge for the first time, bring your driver's license for ID. The office is located on the second floor of Hangar 1 (the large building on the west side of the airport, just north of Eagle Flight Center.)  Park in the large lot across the street.

The fee schedule is as follows: (payable in cash or money orders only)
New badges: $20
Badge renewal: None
Late fee: $100

To verify times, get the latest forms, or get additional information, click here for the Operations Office website.